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The market continues to decline, and semiconductor silicon chip manufacturers can't hold up

5/22/2023 2:16:57 PM

November 28 news, according to Taiwan media reports, with the decline of the semiconductor market, the original performance of the relatively strong semiconductor wafer industry can not hold up. By the logic chip inventory and memory chip manufacturers to reduce production led to the weakening of demand for semiconductor wafers, semiconductor wafers began to agree with customers to delay the shipment, the past adhere to the offer has also changed, some manufacturers are willing to cooperate with customers to talk about prices, and said that "the first half of next year may be a little harder."

According to the report, some semiconductor companies privately revealed that customers who had received goods as usual during the past Spring Festival predicted that they would not receive goods during the holiday next year. Taiwan semiconductor wafer plants including global wafer, Taisheng Technology, He crystal technology, etc., is currently at a time when memory chip manufacturers and wafer foundries capacity utilization decline, has not yet recovered, the industry is concerned about the three major silicon fabs operating trend in the first half of next year.

Since this round of semiconductor market decline, foundry capacity utilization declined, memory chip manufacturers are gradually reduced capital expenditure and production cuts, IC design factory is actively to reduce inventory and reduce the amount of chips, and even pay liquidated damages to cancel the fab foreman about, but the previous performance of semiconductor wafer manufacturers is still relatively supported, and now it is reported that semiconductor wafer factories agree with customers to delay pulling goods, Highlights the market more precipitous.

It is understood that some Taiwan semiconductor wafer factories agree to a small number of customers can delay the shipment, can be delayed about one or two months; Another semiconductor wafer factory is to negotiate with customers, starting from the first quarter of next year can slightly delay the shipment.

The unnamed semiconductor wafer industry admitted that the semiconductor market is really not good, the semiconductor wafer end can not survive, the inventory water level of the long client has been increasing, probably has reached the limit, and the semiconductor wafer shipment status at this stage is actually not consistent with the actual market demand. Some customers have indeed come to discuss delayed shipments, but after the customized products are put into production, if they do not pull the goods, there is no place to resell, so the client can understand, the two sides agreed to delay some shipments from the first quarter of next year.

In addition to the obvious slowdown in IC demand at the foundry end, and the utilization rate of some process capacity is even only about 50%, semiconductor silicon industry pointed out that the pressure on storage customers is greater, and the demand for silicon wafers is reduced by production cuts. Overall, the impact of weaker market conditions on semiconductor wafers may not really emerge until the first quarter of next year, and it is estimated that the correction magnitude of 8-inch semiconductor wafers may be higher than that of 12-inch semiconductor wafers.

Semiconductor wafer industry also revealed that in the past, even if the Lunar New Year, customers will send people out to receive goods, but this time the customer said that they will have a long holiday, during the New Year free of goods. In addition, there are already fewer working days in February, so revenue in the first quarter of next year should be hit by both factors.

However, in addition to the weak demand for semiconductor wafers below 6 inches, Global wafers also mentioned recently that it is expected that the company's 8-inch and 12-inch production capacity will still be full in the first quarter of next year. Taisheng Technology said that this year will still be full production and full sales, looking forward to next year, the current customers continue to comply with the long-term contract, the company will cooperate with customers, flexible adjustment of product portfolio.

Outside assessment, the relevant industry even if the subsequent flexible adjustment with customers, for the price should also stick.

He Jing Technology pointed out that the next negotiation with customers in the first half of next year, the price will be adjusted according to market conditions. The outside world believes that the market demand for 6-inch semiconductor wafers is weak, the price comparison has the opportunity to loosen, and the price of more than 8-inch semiconductor wafers has the opportunity to maintain a stable.

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